Tsuka framed Staple
Tsuka framed Staple

Tsuka framed Staple

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You asked and we listened! We noticed a hole in the coil market where Tsuka's should be... so we are filling it! We've had quite a few special requests for these things so here they are! The Tsuka coil is one of the meanest looking coils around but not only does it have the look, the way these beasts hold on to juice like crazy. Flavor off of a set of our Tsuka coils is tough to beat. Super dense and warm flavor and even with the heavier clapton ramp up is still fairly quick and to the point. Whats not to love?

  • Packaged in sets of TWO in the signature Ohmlandcoils vials
  • Made by hand to order
  • All coils are thoroughly cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner/fine brush before being shipped.
  • Coils come stock with a 3mm internal diameter
  • Coils come stock with 5 wraps unless otherwise specified in the product title
  • Made using only high quality Nichrome 80 (unless otherwise specified) wire by Kidneypuncher



*Please remember that the coil resistance can vary up to (+)or(-) .05 ohms depending on the length the leads are cut during install. Also atomizers/devices can have varying resistance readings in about this same range*

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Tsuka framed Staple
Tsuka framed Staple
Tsuka framed staple - OHMLAND COILS


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