Mohawk Alien Clapton (Tri-core)
Mohawk Alien Clapton (Tri-core)

Mohawk Alien Clapton (Tri-core)

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We are proud to present to you the Mohawk Alien coils! These coils provide a flavor experience that you just can't find in other builds. Similar to the standard Tri-core alien coils in many ways but these hold a larger amount of juice due to the "mohawk" clapton which in turn creates fantastic flavor and vapor production. 

These are great coils for tanks and dripping atomizers alike!

  • Packaged in sets of TWO in the signature Ohmlandcoils vials
  •  Made by hand to order
  •  All coils are thoroughly cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner/fine brush before being shipped.
  • Coils have a 3mm internal diameter unless otherwise specified
  • Coils come stock with 5 wraps except for the higher resistance (.35Ω) coils which come with 6.
  • Made using only high quality wire by





*Please remember that the coil resistance can vary up to (+)or(-) .05 ohms depending on the length you cut the leads*

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Mohawk Alien Clapton (Tri-core)
Mohawk Alien Clapton (Tri-core)


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