Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best performance and longest life from my coils?

For the best performance and the longest life clean and re- wick whenever the coils start to get gunked up or whenever you feel your OCD kicking in. This depends largely on juice flavors and consistencies but we recommend every few days or so for the best flavor and overall performance.

A quick an easy method to clean coils: dry fire and dunk in cool water while glowing several times until clean. If done regularly you shouldn’t need to do much more than this but if your past that a fine bristled toothbrush or similar and water should do the trick (this is a bit risky with our high gauge builds so be very gentle).

Do you ship to my country? Yes! We ship worldwide :)

Where is my stuff?

We ship as soon as humanly possible, generally the same or next day. This can change when things get busy like during sales and holidays.

 **Packages are shipped the day you receive your tracking info. USPS at times doesn't acknowledge receipt or update tracking until the package reaches your town or residence. They are still on they're way even if they aren't tracking in 99.9% cases.**  

This is more common on during the holiday season and other busy times for shipping.

If you need to contact your mail carrier here is their info to hopefully save you a little time:

USPS: 800-275-8777

DHL: 800-225-5345

Unfortunately, we have no more control or information than you do after packages leave our hands; but we are always here to answer questions, and we never leave a customer hanging.


How much does addition or removal of wraps change coil resistance?

Because there are so many possible variations to our coils we cant test them all but to give you an idea of what to expect, our 6 wrap .20Ω Ribbon framed Staplestaggertons on the stock 3mm ID come out to...

-1 wraps ---> ~.17Ω dual coil

+1 wraps ---> ~.22Ω dual coil

+2 wraps ---> ~.25Ω dual coil

These numbers can and often do vary a little bit between atomizers and devices and lead length.


New around here? Don’t know where to start?

Assuming you have the appropriate equipment, the .13Ω High gauge Staples are always one of my go to-s. Second, and also an awesome option for mechanical device users are the Clapton staged Aliens-- super quick ramp up and a warm dense flavor. The .09Ω Ribbon framed staplestaggertons are also one of my all time favorites and are one of the best all around performing builds around!

Keep in mind that this is all largely a matter of you own personal preferences, and it can take some time to figure out what works best for you :) 





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