Groove Fused Staplestaggerton - OHMLAND COILS
Groove Fused Staplestaggerton - OHMLAND COILS

Groove Fused Staplestaggerton

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The Groove Staggerton is a highly intricate coil that packs the flavor. Utilizing a larger variation in wire gauge (fuse wire for ex is smaller than a human hair) and one larger it is made possible to stagger and fuse using only the small grooves in the larger wire's clapton. Using a high gauge and a lower gauge to stagger and fuse creates a very unique flavor profile that brings out both the high and low notes in your juice. We also decided to use a little havier gauge wire for the frames to make these bad boys produce massive clouds as well!


We pride ourselves on creating killer, one of a kind builds like this at a fair price! As always quality before quantity!

  • Packaged in sets of TWO in the signature Ohmlandcoils vials
  • Made by hand to order
  • All coils are thoroughly cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner/fine brush before being shipped.
  • Coils have a 3mm internal diameter unless otherwise specified
  • Coils come stock with 5 wraps except for the higher resistance (.35Ω) coils which come with 6.
  • Made using only high quality Nichrome 80 (unless otherwise specified) wire by






**These coils are intended for advanced users. Please be careful installing these coils! ALWAYS START AT LOW WATTAGE (<40W) OR VERY QUICK PULSES AND WORK YOUR WAY UP WHEN INSTALLING TO AVOID ARCING (MELTING).

The high gauge fuse wire is extremely fragile and will snap if you are not careful! We will not be held liable in any case that coils or other products are damaged by the user during installation or any other situation.**


*Please remember that the coil resistance can vary up to (+)or(-) .05 ohms depending on the length you cut the leads*

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Groove Fused Staplestaggerton - OHMLAND COILS
Groove Fused Staplestaggerton - OHMLAND COILS


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