Quad core Alien clapton - OHMLAND COILS
NEW Quad core Alien clapton

NEW Quad core Alien clapton

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These little beauties are small but they pack a punch, they provide mouth watering flavor and ramp up instantly at pretty much any power level. 

The .23Ω variation is fantastic coils for MTL atomizers (2.5mm ID recommended) Using only ~15-25w for ideal performance in small chambered atomizers, these things will not only provide fantastic, intense flavor but your batteries will thank you.

For size reference these are a bit thinner in width than our 3x28/36 aliens and significantly thinner depth-wise. In some atomizers such as the Reloadvapors MTL tank -1 wrap is a better fit.

  • Packaged in sets of TWO in the signature Ohmlandcoils vials
  • Made by hand to order
  • All coils are thoroughly cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner/fine brush before being shipped.
  • Coils come stock with 5 wraps unless otherwise specified in the product title
  • Made using only high quality Nichrome 80 (unless otherwise specified) wire by Kidneypuncher


    *Please remember that the coil resistance can vary up to (+)or(-) .05 ohms depending on the length the leads are cut during install. Also atomizers/devices can have varying resistance readings in about this same range*

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    NEW Quad core Alien clapton
    Quad core Alien clapton - OHMLAND COILS
    Quad core Alien clapton - OHMLAND COILS


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